Northam is a Shire steeped in history, less than 60 minutes drive from Midland on the Great Eastern Highway. The town of Northam is situated on the banks of the Avon and Mortlock Rivers and set among rolling hills, bush and farmlands. As a regional centre, Northam has services, amenities, schools and training organisations, employment and business opportunities found only in a few other inland places in WA. It is small enough to have a strong sense of community and to enjoy the kind of lifestyle traditionally associated with country living.  The Shire is home to more than 11,730 people (ABS 2013) with approximately 62% located in Northam.                             

There is an inclusive sporting and cultural life in the Shire and surrounding districts including all major sports, theatre and the arts. There are two race tracks for those who enjoy horse racing and a speedway. Walking, cycling and horse riding are well provided for in the local area. The climate is Mediterranean with hot dry summers and cool wet winters and plenty of sunshine all year round.

 The other smaller centres in the Shire of Northam are Bakers Hill, Grass Valley, Spencers Brook, Seabrook, Clackline and Wundowie – all of which are growing and offer scope for residential and business development. For more information about the Shire of Northam please click through to their website.

Filmed in 2020