So the Avon Valley awards is over for another year and it was a corker!!

We had a significant increase in the number of applicants and I for one under estimated the time it takes to put the whole show together. Sleep – whats that?

Our amazing judges scored more than 75 different businesses many of whom submitted multiple applications. Our adjudicator then had the serious business of coordinating scores for more than 160 entries for the 15 categories.

Once the scores were in and the finalists identified ,  there was the unfortunate task of advising unsuccessful businesses of the outcome. I heard it was for some “How to ruin a weekend”.

Well, for most businesses it was not a case of “your application was not good enough”, your application did not deserve to win”, it simply came down to your application score was not in the top 5.  ie there were 5 other applications that scored higher.

It doesn’t make your business any worse than theirs, it doesn’t mean your business is doomed. Your score in any other year might have been a finalist, but this year,  you and (in some categories) 20 other businesses did not end up in the top 5.

This however is cold comfort when you’ve had a cracking year, made great developments in your business, maybe expanded, taken on new staff, new premises, reached an awesome business related goal.

Don’t be disappointed, you ARE to be congratulated because there are some out there who didn’t even enter. They fell at the first hurdle. Good on you for taking stock of your business and writing a submission. I salute you. Good work, great work. You wrote your application, the passion was there, it was a cracker, but. . .  as they say, no cigar.

Well you know what, so what. You know you’ve had a cracker. It would be nice to get a public acknowledgement of that and  if I had my way I would have given everyone that entered a medal. What for? For being in business for another year; for not jacking it in and giving up.  Because its hard, it’s REALLY hard.  So good on you for being here.

And another gold star if you came to the awards event and weren’t a finalist- THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. Sharing in each others wins.  We’re in this together, building up this region. We should champion each others businesses, refer enquiries and become advocates for each other. Then Team Northam wins; Team Avon Valley wins. We are not each others competition; Toodyay and York are not our competition, the Swan Valley and Midland are the competition.

So I’ll see you at the NCC / NWIB Christmas party on the 6th December and regardless of the Award outcomes, if you entered / didn’t enter, if you come to the Christmas party know you’re a member of the best business related networking group in the Avon Valley. No doubt. We are ROCKING it and will kick some serious business goals in the next 12 months.

With or without a medal.

xx E

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write this.
    Great we now have so many businesses who feel worthy of entering the awards.
    Look forward to working and playing together for another successful year of business together ????????

  2. What a wonderful night, such a great local business community.
    I was one of the business’s that didn’t make a finalist, but this gave me such a great insight into my business… I’m so proud to have been nominated. And the food was amazing ????????????????
    Thank you for a wonderful night, it was great to dress up and take the work boots off.
    Congratulations to all the finalists and the winners, well deserved. ????????

  3. We have been in business 16 years and it never gets any easier. Small business is hard work but can be very rewarding at the same time. Well done to all our small businesses in the Avon Valley who keep our community going! Thanks for the article Esther! ????

  4. We have been in business for 16 years and it doesn’t get any easier. It is a lot of hard work but can be rewarding at the same time. Well done to all our small businesses that help support and keep the Avon Valley going! Thanks for the article Esther????

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