Prior to moving to Northam I’d heard the stories – lots of crime, can’t walk the streets, unfriendly town. Nothing to see or do, just a country town in decline.

Well thanks a lot Northam – you’ve shattered that dream or nightmare of mine. I’ve lived in a lot of towns all over the world and I gotta say, who on earth do you think you are? How dare you bring a tear to my eye this week?

I’m taking about the latest Northam Chamber of Commerce community drive. The Basic for Blokes collection for socks, jocks and toiletries for homeless men and those in need.

Collecting for the month of June I’m now neck high in mens undies – and not in a sexy Saturday night kinda way. The Chamber shop is swimming in socks, aftershave, shaving cream and soap. All donations are going to LOCAL men in need and this is a shout out to Share and Care who will be collecting the donations – we need a bigger box!!

I’ve only just unloaded the last of the donations collected at the Basics for Blokes night on Friday and the Northam Farmers Market on Saturday. I am overwhelmed at the generosity of the businesses and people of Northam.  A huge thanks to Gerard from Blackbox Control for donating the door prizes and Brendan from the Regional Men’s Health Initiative for delivering an essential message on Men’s health.

I can’t name you all I wish I could but – you are AMAZING and I’m honoured to be part of this town and promoting businesses that are part of it.

This gives me even more incentive to deliver the really important message we bang on about. Without small businesses in this town, Northam will die. If the Northam dies then so do the community activities, charity drives and the ability to help others.

So please, when you can, try to buy local. You are doing you bit to bring a tear to this emotional wreck that LOVES THIS TOWN!!!!



Regional Men’s Health Initiative

BlackBox Control

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