In the last few weeks many local businesses have either closed, reduced trading or facing hard decisions over the next few months. Whatever the scenario is, you need to ensure you maintain your relationship with existing and potential customers. Post COVID19 will be more difficult and put you at a disadvantage to your opposition if you don’t take action now.

Some suggestion include:


Use your email database to send out an email advising your customers what your current situation is.
If you’re closed, tell them, still operating, great. Tell them and give them an update of any new initiatives




If you have a website, consider a page dedicated to COVID19 or perhaps a link to learn more about your changes large enough for customers to notice. Ensure youe website is kept up to date with your business situation and trading activities.


What’s the old saying, Out of sight, out of mind”
Don’t assume that your past customers will automatically return.
They may do but some may be distracted by your opposition who continue to post on social media, connect through emails and offer head turning entertainment.
If the Northam Chamber of Commerce can help in any way, please get in touch.